New version of Lexibar: even easier to use!

Lexibar version 1.2e for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

For those who don’t already know, Lexibar is a small toolbar that gives rapid access to special characters not always available on the keyboard. Once downloaded and installed, this software lets you insert accented characters directly into your word processor with a single click, or by dragging and dropping them using the left-hand mouse button. The right-hand mouse button allows to toggle between lower and upper case characters.
Lexibar is a freeware application and is currently available for the following languages: Catalan,  Czech,  Croatian,  Danish,  Esperanto,  Estonian,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Hungarian,  Icelandic,  Italian,  Latin,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Norwegian,  Polish,  Portuguese,  Romanian,  Slovak,  Slovenian,  Spanish,  Swedish and Turkish.

Download Lexibar

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    Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

  2. Swinger77 says:

    Great utility ! Thanks a lot !

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