The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English

The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English: A crunk Omnibus For Thrillionaires and Bampots For the Ecozoic Age by Grant Barrett is now available as a free download from the author website. Up until now, this dictionary has been sold in its paper for about 12 euros .

Este artículo en español, Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano selected as one of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2009 has been selected as one of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2009. MARS is the Machine-Assisted Reference Section of the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association., with its directory of online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, figures as one of 29 sites recognized by MARS this year as an outstanding site for reference information. Other selected web sites include the BBC Country Profiles, providing comprehensive information on countries and territories, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, which tracks the positive and negative impacts of over 4000 companies worldwide, the White Housethe American Presidency Project, Google Maps and the World Health Organization.

Full listing of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites 2009

More options for Google Web and Google Videos

Advanced search options are now available for Google Web and Google Videos. To use them click on “Show options” in the search result pages.  These options are available only if you use Google in English. English-German Corpus of Web-based Translated Material is a corpus engine that searches for words and expressions in English and German bilingual texts. Every entry in the Linguee database was translated by humans. Linguee corpus content sources are the bilingual web, EU documents and patent specifications.

Linguee is an intelligent searching tool. It looks for words and common phrases in their context. The result is accompanied by useful additional information (the context in which a translation is used and its frequency) and suitable example sentences The Web as a dictionary for additional information on how to use Linguee, go to the help page.

Google translator toolkit

New online translation tool from Google

The Google translator toolkit allows users to easily edit and improve automatic translations for their own use and for use by other users of the service. The tool also allows users to search through previously edited translations, to use Google’s online translation memories and multilingual glossaries and to share translated texts. Translations can also be posted directly to Wikipedia™ or Knol.

The translator toolkit supports 47 languages. Users must subscribe (free) and log in to use the service.
To learn more about it, have a look at this video tour!

Nuova versione di Lexibar: ancora più facile da utilizzare!

Lexibar versione 1.2e per Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Per chi non la conoscesse, Lexibar è un barra degli strumenti che permette di accedere rapidamente ai caratteri speciali non sempre presenti sulla tastiera. Una volta scaricato e lanciato, questo programma permette con un solo clic di  copiare direttament un carattere speciale nel word processor.  Per effettuare questa operazione basta o cliccare su carattere speciale o selezionarlo  con il tasto sinistro del mouse e trascinarlo nel documento.  Il bottone destro del mouse permette la conversione minusculo/maiuscolo.
Lexibar è disponibile gratuitamente per le seguenti lingue:  catalano, ceco, croato, danese, estone, esperanto, finlandese, francese, islandese, italiano, latino, lettone, lituano, norvegese, polacco, portoghese, rumeno, slovacco, sloveno, spagnolo, svedese, tedesco, turco e ungherese.

Scaricare Lexibar

This article in English, Cet article en français, Este artículo en español

New version of Lexibar: even easier to use!

Lexibar version 1.2e for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

For those who don’t already know, Lexibar is a small toolbar that gives rapid access to special characters not always available on the keyboard. Once downloaded and installed, this software lets you insert accented characters directly into your word processor with a single click, or by dragging and dropping them using the left-hand mouse button. The right-hand mouse button allows to toggle between lower and upper case characters.
Lexibar is a freeware application and is currently available for the following languages: Catalan,  Czech,  Croatian,  Danish,  Esperanto,  Estonian,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Hungarian,  Icelandic,  Italian,  Latin,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Norwegian,  Polish,  Portuguese,  Romanian,  Slovak,  Slovenian,  Spanish,  Swedish and Turkish.

Download Lexibar

Este artículo en español, Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano

Nueva versión de Lexibar. ¡Más simple que nunca!

Lexibar versión 1.2e para Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Para aquellos que no la conozcan todavía, Lexibar es una barra de herramientas que permite un acceso rápido a los caracteres especiales que no estén presentes en los teclados.

Una vez descargado y instalado,  Lexibar permite insertar con sólo un clic un carácter especial en un procesador de texto.  Para hacerlo  haga clic una sola vez sobre el carácter especial o selecciónelo y arrástrelo con el botón izquierdo del ratón. El botón derecho del ratón permite hacer la conversión entre mayúscula y minúscula.
Lexibar está actualmente disponible gratuitamente para los siguientes idiomas:  alemán, catalán, checo, croata, danés, español, esperanto, estonio, eslovaco, esloveno, finlandés, francés, húngaro, islandés, italiano, latín, letón, lituano, noruego, polaco, portugués, rumano, sueco y turco.

Descargar Lexibar

This article in English, Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano

Nouvelle version de Lexibar : de plus en plus simple à utiliser !

Lexibar version 1.2e pour Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Pour ceux qui ne la connaissent pas encore, Lexibar est une barre d’outils qui permet un accès rapide aux caractères spéciaux absents du clavier. Une fois téléchargé et installé, ce programme permet en un seul clic d’insérer directement un caractère spécial dans un traitement de texte. Pour le faire il suffit de cliquer une seul fois sur le caractère spécial ou de le sélectionner et  le glisser-déplacer avec le bouton gauche de la souris.  Le  bouton droit de la souris permet de changer la casse (maj/min).
Lexibar est  disponibles gratuitement pour les langues suivantes : allemand, catalan, croate, danois, espagnol, esperanto, estonien, finnois, français, hongrois, islandais, italien, latin, letton, lituanien, norvégien, polonais, portugais, roumain, slovaque, slovène, suédois, tchèque et turc.
Télécharger Lexibar

This article in English, Este artículo en español, Questo articolo in italiano

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