Persian (Farsi) English translation now available on Google translate

Online machine translation from Persian into English and from English into Persian was launched yesterday (June 18, 2009) by Google. As we all know, machine translation is not perfect, but can be very useful. Persian-English translation is particularly relevant at present since many people wish to obtain information relating to the current political crisis in Iran.

The service has not yet been optimized for Persian into and from other languages available in Google translate, however, the Google translate team are apparently working on this.

Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano


One Response to “Persian (Farsi) English translation now available on Google translate”
  1. IndyInAsia says:

    First attemtp with the Google Farsi to English translator already beats (pathetic) Babylon.

    ????? ???? ???? ???????? ????? ????? ??? ???.

    Rendered by Baboonlon as: Today the commemoration of martyrs four hours, the pistol.

    Rendered by Google as: Commemoration of Martyrs of four hours today, Hafte-Tir Square.

    The source ( ) had it as: Today 4pm Haft Tir Sq. Tehran to pay respects to martyrs of recent events

    Mahalo nui loa to Google!


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