Changing your Facebook relationship status could cause a heart attack!

This is what happened to our friend Katia. Katia and her partner Juan formed a registered civil union earlier this year. She decided to update her Facebook relationship status from “In a relationship” to “In a civil union”. Great! Many friends clicked “Like”, maybe hoping to be invited to drink a glass of champagne.

When invited to Juan’s parents, over lunch Katia was asked a few strange questions by her mother-in-law about her relationship with Juan. She couldn’t really understand what the problem was. However, a bit later she learned that her mother-in-law, who is Spanish and uses Facebook in Spanish, was seeing “Katia vive en unión homosexual con Juan” (Katia is in a homosexual relationship with Juan) on her Facebook wall. Facebook’s translation of “In a civil union” is incorrectly “Unión homosexual”.

In this instance, this mistranslation didn’t cause any problem, but it could give other, less open-minded mother-in-laws a heart attack….




Are any of the other languages mistranslated?

Interprétariat : barbarisme ou non ?

Parmi les professionnels francophones travaillant dans le domaine des langues et de la traduction, il existe un débat par rapport à l’utilisation du terme ”interprétariat”. Certains considèrent ce terme un barbarisme et ils utilisent, à sa place, le mot “interprétation”.

Le terme “interprétariat” est bien présent dans Le Petit Robert :
interprétariat [??t??p?eta?ja] nom masculin
étym. 1890 ? de interprète
Fonction, carrière d’interprète (2°). École d’interprétariat.

Le Collins-Robert donne deux résultats pour le mot anglais “interpreting” : “interprétariat” suivi de “interprétation” :

interpreting [?n't??pr?t??] noun
“profession” ? interprétariat m, ? interprétation f

Par ailleurs, les expressions “école d’interprétariat” et “cours d’interprétariat” sont beaucoup utilisés :

Bien sûr, “interprétation” et “cours d’interprétation” le sont aussi, mais leur utilisation hors contexte est ambiguë. Par exemple, l’expression “cours d’interprétation” s’utilise aussi dans le monde de la musique et du théâtre.

Il semble que l’utilisation du terme “interprétariat” ait gagné du terrain afin de clarifier cette ambiguïté. Qu’en pensez-vous ? Laissez-nous vos commentaires…

Maltese dictionaries, resources and Lexibar

The Maltese language, one of the 23 official languages of the European Union, is now available at Click here to see all the dictionaries and glossaries available online that include this language.

To facilitate the look-up of Maltese words and the translation into English and vice-versa, we have also created a special English <> Maltese online translation page, which includes dictionaries and other resources.

Finally, to facilitate the writing of Maltese accented characters not always available on your keyboard, you can download the free Lexibar Maltese.

Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano

Lingo 4.0 Terminology Management System training at Imperial College London’s Lingo 4.0 Terminology Management System is featuring as one of the modules in a one day course for translators entitled “Term Extraction and Terminology Management”. The course, organised by Imperial College’s Department of Humanities, will be held on Saturday, 12 June 2010 in the Sheffield Building, Imperial College London. For further information, see:

Football Terminology Translation

The 2010 football World Cup will soon start in South Africa. To celebrate this event, we have prepared a selection of dictionaries and glossaries relating to football. These resources will be useful for people wishng to learn the terminology of the sport in a different language as well as for fans wishing to follow their team in international matches.

Volcano terminology glossaries and dictionaries

For some reason there is a great deal of interest in volcanoes at the moment. Unfortunately, there are not many bilingual or multilingual glossaries available relating to this subject. However, we have managed to find a few translation glossaries on volcano terminology in English, Icelandic, Italian, German, Spanish and French. A listing of these glossaries can be found at:

Russian cyrillic keyboard characters

Lexibar is a toolbar that gives rapid access to special characters not always available on the keyboard.
The Russian cyrillic version of this free Windows software is now available for download.

Lexibar Russian

Download Lexibar Russian

Greek keyboard characters

Lexibar is a toolbar that gives rapid access to special characters not always available on the keyboard.
The Greek version of this free Windows software is now available for download.

Lexibar Greek

Download Lexibar Greek

Le Petit Robert à 29€ 90 au lieu de 70€

La version 2008 du Petit Robert sur cédérom, le dictionnaire de référence de la langue française, est actuellement au prix spécial de 29€ 90 (au lieu de 70€) dans le magasin en ligne de

Cette version 2008, à nos yeux, ne contient pas de réelles différences de contenu et d’interface par rapport aux versions plus récentes. Nous l’avons testée avec Windows 7 et elle fonctionne sans problème.

Cliquez ici pour bénéficier de cette promotion.


Print the same A4 document twice on one piece of A4 paper

In certain circumstances it can be useful to print a short document more than once on the same piece of paper. For example, if you are freelance or run a small business and like economising on paper then you could print your invoices half size (A5) on half an A4 sheet instead of a whole one. In general, when companies print invoices they print one copy for the client and one for themselves. Below is a simple way to print two copies of a document on one page of A4 paper using Microsoft Office.

To print two of the same document on one A4 sheet :

Two A4 documents on one piece of A4 paper

With the Print window open, make sure that the “Pages per sheet” setting is set to “2 pages” and that the “Page range” value is “Pages: 1,1″

Microsoft Office 2007 Print Window

Once printed, simply cut the page in half. It’s a simple as that !

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