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Schweizerisches Idiotikon now available online

The digitalised version of the Schweizerisches Idiotikon is now available online. This dictionary is the result of a project started 150 years ago covering all the dialects spoken in the German speaking part of Switzerland from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. At the moment you can search among 15 of its 17 volumes, the results of your search is a link to scanned pages of the printed work, which are displayed directly in your browser.

Bulgarian, Bulgare, Bulgaro, Búlgaro!

New Bulgarian pages available on bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, translation modules, Bulgarian language learning CD-ROM and other useful resources for the Bulgarian language.
Bulgarian-English dictionaries and translation
Dictionnaires et traduction bulgare-français
Dizionari e traduzione bulgaro-italiano
Diccionarios y traducción búlgaro-español

Cycling terminology for Tour de France enthusiasts

The Tour de France started only last week. To help you understand all the specific terminology related to it and cycling in general, you could have a look at our selection of cycling glossaries and dictionaries.

Maltese dictionaries, resources and Lexibar

The Maltese language, one of the 23 official languages of the European Union, is now available at Click here to see all the dictionaries and glossaries available online that include this language.

To facilitate the look-up of Maltese words and the translation into English and vice-versa, we have also created a special English <> Maltese online translation page, which includes dictionaries and other resources.

Finally, to facilitate the writing of Maltese accented characters not always available on your keyboard, you can download the free Lexibar Maltese.

Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano

European translation contest for secondary school pupils

The European Commission is organising for the fourth time a translation contest for young translators: Juvenes Translatores. The contest, to be held on 23 November 2010, is for secondary school pupils from EU member countries. The pupils will be asked to translate a text of about one page from any of the EU’s 23 official languages into any other official language. The winners, one from each EU country, will be invited to Brussels in 2011 for an awards ceremony.

Lingo 4.0 Terminology Management System training at Imperial College London’s Lingo 4.0 Terminology Management System is featuring as one of the modules in a one day course for translators entitled “Term Extraction and Terminology Management”. The course, organised by Imperial College’s Department of Humanities, will be held on Saturday, 12 June 2010 in the Sheffield Building, Imperial College London. For further information, see:

Football Terminology Translation

The 2010 football World Cup will soon start in South Africa. To celebrate this event, we have prepared a selection of dictionaries and glossaries relating to football. These resources will be useful for people wishng to learn the terminology of the sport in a different language as well as for fans wishing to follow their team in international matches.

Google Goggles, searching and translating by taking a photo

An interesting new version of Google Goggles is now available!  This visual search application for Android phones, that allows you to search the web simply by taking a photo, has a new translating feature. Google Goggles users will now be able to point their phone at a word or phrase and if Goggles recognizes the text, it will give them the option to translate it. The system, with a margin of error, can translate text from English, French, Italian, German and Spanish into many more languages. This new feature could certainly be useful for reading a menu in a restaurant when abroad.

Japanese, Japonais, Giapponese, Japonés!!

New pages available on bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, translation modules and other useful resources for Japanese language.
Dictionaries and translation English-Japanese
Dictionnaires et traduction Français-Japonais
Dizionari e traduzione Italiano-Giapponese
Diccionarios y traducción Español-Japonés

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