TERMIUM Plus® free on the Web

Through the new Canadian Language Portal you can now access the Canadian Translation Bureau’s terminology and linguistic data bank TERMIUM Plus® free of charge.

This data bank has almost four million terms in English, French and Spanish in all general and technical fields.

The Language Portal of Canada also made available to public consultation all the Writing Tools included in TERMIUM Plus® covering many facets of English and French grammar, style and usage.

International Translation Day 2009: Working together

Every year since 1953 on the 30th September, the feast of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, interpreters and librarians, International Translation Day is celebrated. Since 1991 this day is officially promoted by the International Federation of Translators. Every year the celebration has a different theme, with this year’s theme being Working together. The IFT invites translators around the world to take a fresh look at why and how it pays to join forces.

An easy way to type Czech accented characters

So, you’d like to write an email to a Czech friend or family member, and you’re stuck on how to write that “e with the upside down hat” (?). You could spend a few tedious minutes or more looking for the character in the Windows character map or better, you could use the freeware Lexibar Czech which allows to insert Czech accented characters into just about any Windows application in a split second.

Lexibar Czech

Download Lexibar Czech

A new website for the development of PhD programs in translation studies

A new website that provides information on the integration of doctoral programmes in translation studies was launched last week by the TS Doc working group.
This new collaborative site wants to create an area for debate and cooperation in order to share a comprehensive picture of doctoral programmes in translation studies. It aims to collect and disseminate data to exchange ideas, information and best practices within the scholarly community.
Even if some sections are still under construction, the site should develop quickly.

Setooz: a new search engine for the local languages

Setooz, developed by an Indian company, is a new search engine that focuses on non-English languages and the specific problems related to those languages. It aims to produce a more intelligent search where different morphological variations of keywords and their spelling forms are taken into account in order to improve the quality of the search in local languages.

Setooz can currently search web pages written in Bulgarian, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Apparently, more languages will be added soon. In order to index pages, Setooz uses a specific web crawler that analyses only non-English resources on the Internet.

Persian (Farsi) English translation now available on Google translate

Online machine translation from Persian into English and from English into Persian was launched yesterday (June 18, 2009) by Google. As we all know, machine translation is not perfect, but can be very useful. Persian-English translation is particularly relevant at present since many people wish to obtain information relating to the current political crisis in Iran.

The service has not yet been optimized for Persian into and from other languages available in Google translate, however, the Google translate team are apparently working on this.

Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano

The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English

The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English: A crunk Omnibus For Thrillionaires and Bampots For the Ecozoic Age by Grant Barrett is now available as a free download from the author website. Up until now, this dictionary has been sold in its paper for about 12 euros .

Este artículo en español, Cet article en français, Questo articolo in italiano

Lexicool.com selected as one of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2009

Lexicool.com has been selected as one of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2009. MARS is the Machine-Assisted Reference Section of the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association. Lexicool.com, with its directory of online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, figures as one of 29 sites recognized by MARS this year as an outstanding site for reference information. Other selected web sites include the BBC Country Profiles, providing comprehensive information on countries and territories, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, which tracks the positive and negative impacts of over 4000 companies worldwide, the White Housethe American Presidency Project, Google Maps and the World Health Organization.

Full listing of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites 2009

More options for Google Web and Google Videos

Advanced search options are now available for Google Web and Google Videos. To use them click on “Show options” in the search result pages.  These options are available only if you use Google in English.

Linguee.com English-German Corpus of Web-based Translated Material

Linguee.com is a corpus engine that searches for words and expressions in English and German bilingual texts. Every entry in the Linguee database was translated by humans. Linguee corpus content sources are the bilingual web, EU documents and patent specifications.

Linguee is an intelligent searching tool. It looks for words and common phrases in their context. The result is accompanied by useful additional information (the context in which a translation is used and its frequency) and suitable example sentences

Linguee.com The Web as a dictionary for additional information on how to use Linguee, go to the help page.

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