Scientific symbols and chemical elements demystified

I am sure that you have come across strange physics or astronomy symbols, or chemical elements, and wondered what they meant? Now you will be able to find the answer more easily thanks to two fantastic new web resources.

Scientists and astronomers use many strange symbols to define various phenomena. To help demystify these symbols for ordinary folk, a team of experts at the University of Nottingham (UK) has produced an easy to understand, fun and informative collection of sixty videos, entitled “Sixty Symbols“. A further sixty videos are in preparation and will be ready in the near future.

For those needing information on a chemical element, another team at the University of Nottingham (UK) has produced an amazing set of videos illustrating the entire 118 chemical elements of The Periodic Table. Some of the videos have even been made available for foreigners, with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Italian.

These two sites are really very cool and fun! We love them!