Tongue Stories

Tickle us with your tale!
Sorprendici con la tua storia!
¡Sorpréndenos con tus historias!
Faites-nous sourire avec votre histoire !
New deadline for entering the competition Tongue Stories organised by the European Commission. Share your stories on the advantages of knowing language and be one of the 31 national winners invited to Brussels for the Award Ceremony, which will be held on 10 May 2011 in the framework of Europe Day 2011.

Interested in learning a foreign language? now proposes CD-ROMs for learning over 120 different languages. Click here for more information.

100 free online language courses

The Online Universities’ blog has compiled a list of 100 free resources for learning a foreign language. The resources, intended for English-speaking learners,  include a selection of the best courses for learning the basics of  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese or Japanese, as well as other less learned languages such as Polish, Czech or Urdu.

If you are still in doubt about learning another language the results of a study inferring that multilingualism is good for the brain entitled “Study of Contribution of Multilingualism to Creativity“, might make you change your mind.