Print the same A4 document twice on one piece of A4 paper

In certain circumstances it can be useful to print a short document more than once on the same piece of paper. For example, if you are freelance or run a small business and like economising on paper then you could print your invoices half size (A5) on half an A4 sheet instead of a whole one. In general, when companies print invoices they print one copy for the client and one for themselves. Below is a simple way to print two copies of a document on one page of A4 paper using Microsoft Office.

To print two of the same document on one A4 sheet :

Two A4 documents on one piece of A4 paper

With the Print window open, make sure that the “Pages per sheet” setting is set to “2 pages” and that the “Page range” value is “Pages: 1,1″

Microsoft Office 2007 Print Window

Once printed, simply cut the page in half. It’s a simple as that !