Setooz: a new search engine for the local languages

Setooz, developed by an Indian company, is a new search engine that focuses on non-English languages and the specific problems related to those languages. It aims to produce a more intelligent search where different morphological variations of keywords and their spelling forms are taken into account in order to improve the quality of the search in local languages.

Setooz can currently search web pages written in Bulgarian, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Apparently, more languages will be added soon. In order to index pages, Setooz uses a specific web crawler that analyses only non-English resources on the Internet. English-German Corpus of Web-based Translated Material is a corpus engine that searches for words and expressions in English and German bilingual texts. Every entry in the Linguee database was translated by humans. Linguee corpus content sources are the bilingual web, EU documents and patent specifications.

Linguee is an intelligent searching tool. It looks for words and common phrases in their context. The result is accompanied by useful additional information (the context in which a translation is used and its frequency) and suitable example sentences The Web as a dictionary for additional information on how to use Linguee, go to the help page.